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Fidget Toys
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Fidget toys to keep you satisfied during your travel to any destination. Each toy is designed to be durable and high quality while keeping prices low Package includes: 3 fidget toys of different sizes and capabilities. 1 fidget cube with 6 different fidgets for each side, 1 flexible silicone octagon with popping push bubbles, and 1 fidget spinner with 4 high-quality self aligning bearings.

Travel Journal 
Travel Journal Checklist.JPG


Our Travel Journal gives you the ability to keep notes and memories on a high quality product Package includes: 1 notebook with travel checklists, notes section, and fill in itenerary.

Music Collection


Music from the 60s 70s and 80s to satisfy you during long travels to any vacations  

Package includes: 6 hour long editable playlist with music from the 60s 70s and 80s. 

Costa Rica Package


Description of Trip: 

Costa Rica is a beautiful rainforest country in Central America. Costa Rica has coastlines on both Caribbean and Pacific oceans and has some of the world’s best beaches. Costa Rica’s natural wonders provide visitors with adventure, relaxation, romance and exploration.

Package includes: 7 days in Costa Rica, Hotel: San Jose

Travel Supply Package:



Sunglasses w/ logo 

Snacks: Chirulitos 250g , Tosh , chiky 


Rain Poncho 

Scratch-Off Maps

A large scratch-off map that can be used to track and display your own travel destinations at home! Excellent for decorating any room. A must-have item for any frequent traveler. Available in two different sizes.

Package Includes: 1  LARGE Getaway Branded Scratch-Off travel map (6’x3’5”)

OR 1  REGULAR Getaway Branded Scratch-Off travel map (3’x1’9”)

Mediterranean  Travel Bundle
Greece City


Description of Trip: 

The Mediterranean is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful sights, so come and relax on the beaches or see the beautiful architecture.

Bundle Includes: Flight to Athens, Greece and a ferry ride to and from Naxos, and a flight from Athens to Valencia, Spain. 

Pink Leather Bag

Product Includes A makeup kit that comes with a primer, concealer,  liquid foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, setting spray, makeup wipes, eyeshadow palette, brushes then 2 hand sanitizer, fidget toy, mask, and pamphlets on suicide awareness and meditation.

Backpack Straps

Product Includes: 2 hand sanitizer, getaway mask, 2 pairs of earplugs, a neck pillow, 2 fidget toys, a suicide awareness pamphlet, then a meditation pamphlet, and a $25  gift card to apple music

Product Includes both Firesale backpack mini and cosmetics beauty  leather backpack mini travel kit 

Comfort bundle 
RJ & Grace  (1).png


Description of Bundle: 

Are you bored on Air plains have nothing to do? well now with are new bundle you will never have to be bored again! it has all of the stuff you need for a trip on a plain!

Bundle Includes: Goldfish, Gushers, Hand sanitizer, Chapstick, Neck pillow, Sorts, T-shirt, Sweat shirt 

Mexican candy mix 45 count
mexican candy 45.png


Description of Bundle: 

45 different Mexican candy styles and flavors

Bundle Includes:  A variety of the best Mexican candy 

Mexican candy mix 90 count
nexican candy.PNG


Description of Bundle: 

90 different Mexican candy styles and flavors, also comes with traditional candy from native regions of Mexico

Bundle Includes:  A variety of the best Mexican candy