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Space Bundle


Visit some of the worlds most advanced science and exploration facility regarding the travel of space and a top of the line cruise.  Package Includes: (17 days) Space GetAway- one flight to Boca Chica; United - Hotel; Beach resort at south padre island (5-star hotel) 7days 6 nights - Rental: Budget, Mini Citroen C1 or similar Drive to Galveston, Cruise; Cardinal 3days 2 nights to key west Enterprise rent a car; 2020 Nissan Versa2020 Nissan Versa Drive to Cape Canaveral; Hotel: Hilton Melbourne beach oceanfront (5 star hotel) 7 nights 7 days - flight back to Chicago; United



Enjoy the opportunity to climb one of the worlds 7 summits with a guided hike to peak of Kilimanjaro Package Includes: (7 days) Kilimanjaro- - Airline: United Guide: Treye  Way activities - 3.5 days climb in the mountains camping at various 
checkpoints 3.5 days down the mountain. 



Experience the journey of a lifetime on a guided tour and hike of the most expansive forest in the world. Package Includes: (5 days) Amazon- Airline: JetBlue - Guide: Pedro Alvarez Activities: hike through the amazon staying at various cabin checkpoints.

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